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Substrates - The Right Material

CoilColor supplies a wide variety of substrates to suit your requirements.

All are produced by reputable suppliers with whom CoilColor has nurtured close contacts over the years. We co-operate with our suppliers to ensure you receive the best substrate and the most competitive prices.


Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel (HDG)

The workhorse of substrates. The most widely used and cost-effective substrate, HDG provides strength and formability with a high degree of resistance to corrosion and degradation. To read more click here


Aluminium-Zinc Coated Steel (Zincalume, Galvalume, Aluzinc)

Steel coated with an Aluminium-Zinc (Al-Zn) alloy. The process is very similar to galvanising with Zinc but the alloy provides significantly more protection. To read more click here



Much lighter than steel, Aluminium can be coated in exactly the same way. It has excellent strength to weight characteristics and is durable. To read more click here