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Working with international suppliers, Coilcolor provides a comprehensive range of colours.

item2 00E53

item4 00E55

colourchips 04C39
Brick Red

colourchips1 04E53
Poppy Red

colourchips2 06E53

colourchips3 08B15

colourchips4 08C35

colourchips5 10A05
Goosewing Grey

colourchips6 10B19

colourchips7 08B29
Van Dyke Brown

colourchips8 10C31

colourchips9 10E55
Aztec Yellow

colourchips10 12B21
Moorland Green

colourchips11 12B27
Olive Green

colourchips12 12B29
Juniper Green

colourchips13 10E55
Linden Green

colourchips14 14E53
Irish Green

colourchips15 18B25
Merlin Grey

colourchips16 18B29

colourchips17 18C37
Wedgewood Blue

colourchips18 18C39
Ocean Blue

colourchips19 RAL5015
Sky Blue

colourchips20 RAL6005
Moss Green

DISCLAIMER: Please note that the swatches shown on this page are intended as a guide only as their reproduction is affected by digital software, hardware, and printers. They should not be used to finalise colour selection. Please request a physical swatch but be aware that final coated colours vary slightly, within industry tolerances, with each paint batch. CoilColor is not responsible for any mis-match based on swatches.

We also supply any other colour you require. Just contact us, one of our representatives will be pleased to help you.